Are you that exceptionally beautiful, sincere, reliable and well groomed, young woman I am looking for?

Kindly read all of the following carefully before you start your application!

  • Do you have a presence that commands attention?
  • Are you open and adventurous?
  • Do you have a model portfolio, modeling experience, or the looks and traits of a model?
  • Are you fluent in English and possibly speak another language?
  • Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you have a successful day by day career?
  • I am excited to see that you consider to join the exclusive and exhilarating team at Gentlemen’s Elite Int’l. My standards as a former model and courtesan are extremely high. If you meet our strict qualification standards we expect you to always carry yourself in a manner best reflecting not only yourself, but also Gentlemen’s Elite!

    I offer a prestigious, lucrative and exciting life style adventure where you will liasing, traveling and partying with prestigious people among the world’s top & elite. Committed to safety, sophistication, class and discretion, I guarantee that only high end encounters with affluent elite gentlemen and couples in lavish comfort will be arranged. Both, a former professional model and elite travel courtesan with over 20 years of experience, I maintain highest standards and a stringent selection criteria and will only consider to invite and introduce you if you have naturally good looks, an immaculate appearance and an interesting, versatile and lovely personality to match. You need to agree to be exclusively represented by me, I do not accept anyone who is already represented by other organisations.

    If you are able to agree with a “YES” to all of the above and below, I can hardly wait to get to learn you.

    I expect that you are a happy, sophisticated, confident and independent young lady and between 20 and 35 years old. You are at least 170 cm (5’7″) tall (without heels), with perfect proportions and substance free. You are charming, outgoing, well mannered and well spoken. You possess an excellent education, love to travel, have an open and adventurous mind, speak at least English as a foreign language fluent. You have an accommodating and versatile personality, feel comfortable in a variety of social situations and societies and you know about modern, today’s etiquette. You enjoy interesting conversations, are flirtatious, passionate, energetic, sensual and thoroughly enjoy spending quality time with sophisticated gentlemen/couples of class and style. Physically, mentally or emotionally attracted by someone – you build a deep erotic connection at ease and with that special someone you can fully enjoy an intimate liaison be it for a few hours only or a few days. Successful and powerful men attract and inspire you and as a sexually confident young woman you can fully enjoy yourself and ‘let your self go’.You understand that Gentlemen’s Elite International has to uphold an excellent international reputation; and that you will be responsible in doing your part to perpetuate this excellent position by never losing sight of the fact that clients enjoyment, happiness and satisfaction is paramount. You will find ways to adjust both of your desires for mutual enjoyment without the need of losing your limits.
    You will adapt your own availability schedule to accommodate the client at his convenience and you’ll always keep personal (business) travels and non availabilities up to date. You furtherore agree to act professional at all times and will be leaving your personal problems where they belong, agreeing to confidentially respect and accept all booking procedures of our private members only society.

    Last but NOT least: You understand that exchanging any contact details with gentlemen of GEC is prohibited and you agree to never set a date with a member behind my back and without my knowledge. I strictly do not tolerate such breach of faith … by finding out (… sooner or later I will) that this will result in immediate termination off my upscale Agency.

    Please take note that your honesty, polite personality, education and social skills are as much an asset as your physical beauty is. Exclusivity is everything and in case that your photographs are already displayed with other escort agencies or you intend to apply to such, I regret but I cannot and don’t want to represent you. I am in fact looking for like minded ladies with only the highest standards who are not driven to enter into the courtesan world by money. You have chosen to apply here with me because you desire to be exclusively represented by an ultra elite service, dedicated to protecting your identity and respecting your privacy at all times.

    If you recognize yourself in the above profile, and if you are that exceptional young lady who is ready to explore the equally exceptional opportunity of being represented by me, then I would like to get to know you.You have carefully read the above and fully agree? Brilliant, please let me invite you to apply. Email me and attach a minimum of 4 genuine, recent photos which aren’t cut, blurred but show your face clearly. I will then contact you with a questionnaire to fill and after receiving this, we confirm an interview date via phone, skype or in person. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about working at GEC. Also for any questions or concerns prior to your application, address these at

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