Over the years, we had many questions regarding many topics. This is our compiled list of the most common questions (faq). If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to use our feature of a personal and secure chat with the Management and for questions related to the site itself, and to reach a technician, please use or Help System.

Why is it it that I (A) can not find you on at the obligatory escort banner sites or directories  and (B) why are there no reviews about your organization and the ladies listed with you at any of the escort related reviewing pages?

A. We are a private members only, ultra discreet elite introduction service, committed to highest privacy and confidentially standards and we generally do not seek to bec0me a large &  known by everyone society – offering all things to all people. We are picky in every way and very sensible with whom we exchange links or banners. We refuse to cooperate with “cheap” organizations. Furthermore; it does not correspond with our privacy policy to have photos, personal information etc.  spread over the internet and we do not want – nor do we need that kind of traffic.
B. We respect the intimate privacy of everybody and the portfolio of each lady says a lot about her looks, personality and what a gentleman can expect. In our opinion this gives an excellent first impression and for any of the more private info, we welcome you to discuss this with Martine personally. We recently decided to link to C69 which we find to be a quality community and good source, however, we appreciate that our members will not review anything about a Gentlemen`s Elite Lady on any public page! Kindly remember a wise quote:

“Real gentlemen would never kiss and tell”

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept visa and master credit cards, Western Union and bank wire to pay the obligatory deposit. The deposit is 40 percent of the total amount due. The Ladies get the remaining 60 percent in cash at the day of arrival within the first 10 minutes of the rendezvous.

Do you negotiate your fees?

No. Our fees are not negotiable. We consider it offensive to be “bargained” with and we won’t discuss this further by email, in person or over the phone. Our 3 options of membership come with great benefits and if you cannot afford our fees, there are service provider available for every demand and budget.

What about over time?

If time goes over the agreed and paid time (and we are very generous with time allocated), extra time is to pay per hour or part thereof. The overtime fee depends solely on the Lady. Please stay aware of the time you have booked and please don’t place any Lady in the embarrassing position of having to ask for additional payment. If you wish to continue with the company and services please pay your overtime fee by the end of the original booking time.

What services do your ladies provide?

We offer the rare opportunity of mutually beneficial relationships, temporary girlfriend encounters, and deep connections without jealousy and consequences. All of our courtesans provide a sensual Girlfriend experience with an emphasis on quality.

In addition, even if each of our luxury mannequins is also an ideal companion for just a dinner date or a high level social encounter, we are also specialized in longer engagements. We prefer not to cater for a client looking for a “quicky”. Our services are ideally suited to mature gentlemen over the age of 35, who are looking for much more than just the usual.

Where are you located?

Our Head Office is based in South East Asia another in Europe (Germany). The ladies are from all corners of the world, but travel almost everywhere. Most are based in cities all over Europe, some live over-seas, as far as in SE Asia, Australia, the USA and South America as well.

Are your models available for appointments at their home place?

No, definitely not. Please respect the privacy of all our luxury Courtesans. Please see also the next question.

Do you provide out-calls? Can your Ladies visit my home?

In general, we provide an out-call service only to 4-5 Star Hotels. However, if you are known to us, we will consider requests for out-calls to private residences at our discretion. For house visits, a listed land line number is required as well as your full name. Minimum Booking for a visit to your home is 12 hours and requires the usual deposit. The deposit must be paid always in advance due the date of your reservation.

Do you provide services to areas outside of Europe?

Yes, all our Ladies love to travel internationally. If you want to fly a Lady down to where you are or if you want to travel somewhere with her, we will be happy to make the arrangements. As usual we need the deposits for booking and travel, as well as a prepaid business-class ticket on top.

How do I need to plan ahead for a booking?

It is best to contact us at least 4 (four) days before you wish to meet. We require a minimum of 2 weeks for larger travel packages, depending on your member state. If you wait to contact us until the same day you wish to see your lady, she very likely won’t be available.

What about last minute appointments?

You can always contact us to see if the chosen Lady is available. But as we take limited appointments, if you wait until the last minute, she may not be available.

Can I have a long term and/or regular arrangement?

We are more than happy to enter into an agreement with you for a long term regular arrangement. This can be either on a regular time basis or on an exclusive contract basis where you would be the only client the lady would entertain for the period contracted for. Obviously this will attract benefits not available to regular bookings, please contact us to discuss. The minimum term for this type of arrangement is 3 months. If you wish to cancel such arrangements before the end of the agreement there is a cancellation fee of 25% of the total, please be sure you understand this when seeking this type of arrangement. A 25% deposit of the total arrangement will be required to secure our services.

How do I know when my favorite beauty will be visiting my city?

The ladies travel only by invitation. We don’t represent those money motivated who meet with multiple gentlemen per week, or even more worse, a day and who make their living being full time companions, so no need to say we don’ t offer the so called “tours”… Nevertheless, in case a lady travels on her own, eg. for modeling assignments or personal leisure and is in the right mood for a date while at your location, we announce this in our ‘INSIDER” section and at the top of her portfolio and will be happy to arrange your encounter.

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